September 2021

Six degrees of separation. Lou Reed was part of my adolescent soundscape.

This is me scoping out dining and entertainment options from my hotel room in New York City before 9/11, still with some funky out-of-the-way corners and rough edges, and some fabulous dive bars. I was tagging along for the beginning of the Ecstasy tour with my roadie guy. (I still have the jacket ; )

I went out that day and took the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building with its magnificent panoramic view of the city and the twin towers. The next day I paid my respects at The Dakota, and went skating on Wollman Rink, a landmark from Joni’s Song For Sharon.

Here’s a scratch demo I made that year, playing bass and fooling around with a drum machine. Lonely Street was inspired by springtime in New York, a city of a million stories, where you can still be lonely in a crowd.

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