Wayback : 15 : Onward


Even with all this going on, it was time for yet another reinvention… Giving in to a lifelong love affair with history, I decided to go back to school to pursue some long-postponed post-secondary education. After a move to Vancouver Island I switched gears and enrolled in a diploma program at Camosun College in Victoria.

The Applied Communication Program would be my life until December of 2003, and during my work term I had an amazing opportunity to host four hours of live radio every weekday on the roots/world music station CKMO Village 900. This experience brought me into contact with most of the top-drawer touring acts on the Canadian scene that year as we invited them into the studio to play live. Good times! I’ve put up some interview clips in the Vault for your listening enjoyment.


Village 900 Master Control

But there were more musical adventures to come… After graduation I took some time off and made my first trip to Nashville in the spring of 2004. My husband was touring as a tech with Heart, and they were booked to perform a CMT Crossroads TV special with Wynonna Judd, so I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to get a first class introduction to Music City.

I rented a guitar and a car and hit all the hot spots, got to know the city, had my first Krispy Kreme donut. Drove out to Hendersonville to finally meet Jim Sales who had been producing mail order demos for me, and managed to play the Bluebird open mic. Good times!


 Well you know what they say: “Pics or it didn’t happen…” ^^^ This happened!
Breaking in the new Takamine at the Bluebird.

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