Wayback : 13 : The 90s



I had some more covers in the 1990s, beginning with the release of Lynne Taylor Donovan’s single Never Comin’ Back to country radio in 1990. It was nominated for SOCAN Song of the Year at the BCCMA awards in 1992.

In 1998 Lynne’s cover of Angel in Your Eyes was released as a single, and later included in a compilation in the UK, Stuart Cameron’s Hot Disc, doing extremely well on the indie charts in Europe. It was the highest new entry of any song in 2001.

It stayed in the top 10 for 10 weeks and carried over to 2002, staying in the European “Most Played Artist” charts Top 20 for 15 weeks. It was also remixed and included in Lynne’s 2004 CD Talk To Me, released in 2004, and was instrumental in making Lynne a major star with linedancing fans all over Europe.

Anna Beaumont was another artist to cover my songs on her 1993 album Rise Above. Check out Forever Yours, (duet with Jack Semple), which I always thought would be great in a blockbuster movie…

Around this time I was invited to perform at a songwriting showcase at the Glass Slipper in Vancouver, where I played solo for the first time in a long time and debuted a couple of new songs.

Producer Bill Buckingham called me a few months later and informed me that he was working on a sophomore album by an up-and-coming bluegrass band called Tumbleweed, and one of those songs, Woman She Used To Be, was going to be on their CD “Weedgarden.”


Produced by Steve Dawson who was just hitting his stride with his trademark “strang” sound, the tune got lots of exposure on the radio and as a video hit on CMT Canada. Lynne and Tumbleweed brought in some nice mailbox money for me. Good times!

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