The Vault

I’ve been working on digitizing the stuff in these boxes I’ve been carrying around for years. Check back often for updates. : )

“A Fine Romance”
Hogan Sings Holiday * Glass Slipper * Vancouver BC * June 30 1993

Ron Thompson: guitar
Brent Gubbels: bass
Tom Keenlyside: clarinet
Craig Scott: drums


keziere 1973

Robert Keziere photo 1973

I received an audio file from an old friend Nelson Becker recently. This is a real blast from the past, an hour-long interview on CFRO Co-Op Radio from 1975 with my rock and roll band Foxfire a little while after we got together. It’s filled in a few blanks in the memory banks about gigs and events from my earliest days playing music in Vancouver. I was 22 when this was recorded, and life was good! Enjoy these installments, and rest assured that no substances were abused during this interview…

1980 millie contact sheet crop
1980 millie contact sheet
Channelling Emmylou 1980 (photos by Millie Strom)
1984 bill blassPunk Rocker 1984 (photo by Kim McCarthy)

1974 egress

radio 1984 11984 co op interview 21984 Co op interview 3

1985 live tv
2002 Wailin JennysScreen Shot 2017-12-28 at 11.39.38 AM