November 2021

(Posted this prior to the Atmospheric River Catastrophe. Glad I managed this little road trip while there was still a road…)

Had two visits with old friends in the last few weeks. First sleepovers in a couple of years, those blissful weekend outings we used to take for granted in the Before Times.

I booked a beautiful new SUV from Modo for the first road trip up the Island, gorgeous fall weather and all the back roads with the tunes going on the kick-ass stereo. Bliss! Have not owned a vehicle since 2009, so these kinds of drives are all the more fun for being so rare.

Took advantage of a three-day break in the autumn rains to visit and hang out beside a rushing river. Everyone should have river time. It’s mesmerizing and soothing to be so close to nature in these crazy times. Highly recommend.

Kim McCarthy pic
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