Thank you!

“You’ve got to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight”
Bruce Cockburn

Jeff (Newfoundland): “I made a donation for a “night’s shelter” for Shelter Nova Scotia.”

Patricia (New Mexico): “My charity of choice was Friends of Guest House, an organization in Virginia that closely supports previously incarcerated women as they attempt to successfully reenter society. I used to mentor there and can attest to the hard work, big hearts, and deeply meaningful outcomes associated with this group.”

Sara (British Columbia): “Please send download. Your song made me cry! I just donated to WestCoast LEAF to help them continue their work to hold government accountable to ensure that communities have what they need, not just to survive, but to thrive. Women and gender non-conforming people bear the brunt of the economic and social burdens of the pandemic, while also leading the frontline health and service response. Many marginalized communities are not in a position to challenge unjust laws and policies, and they shouldn’t have to; this crisis should not fall on individuals to fix.”

Claire (Yukon): “I donated to the Whitehorse Food Bank to help families in my community. I even used a Banff pen to write the cheque. Thanks for the song.”

Davy (British Columbia): “Thanks for thinking of me. Love original music best of all. Am donating to the Aldergrove Food Bank. They operate all year and this year is a real strain. So many worthy causes but this one is hands on and close to home.”

Jane (British Columbia) “Every year I box up sweaters, tops and panties/bras from my line and donate to the Downtown East Side women’s shelter. I know they likely get a ton of donations but I doubt any are new – so I hope each year at Christmas they’ll get something new and comfortable to wear and I hope they feel good. A worker once came to my sample sale to tell me the women were very excited when the box arrived. It’s not much but it’s mine.”


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