June 2018

Aside from views from North America, since the CD release my site has seen visitors from Japan, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, South Africa, North Korea, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Brazil, the Philippines, Switzerland, Denmark, and Malta. Maybe they’re mostly bots, but it’s so much fun to imagine that my music is going global!

This Time has been released to radio on HotDisc in Europe and the UK. It’s making its way up the chart and getting a great reception right out of the gate. Check out the YouTube video we put together for it. As a bonus for reading all this, like my Facebook page and you can get a free download!

2018 06 23 HOT DISC 32

Speaking of YouTube, I made an interesting discovery online that was quite exciting. Found out that a song I wrote in 1976 and released on my first cassette was covered (unbeknownst to me) by a French Canadian singer in Edmonton and released on her album of the same name in 1979. It ended up on a playlist curated by a Japanese collector of obscure smooth jazz and disco from the 1970s and 80s. Nice surprise!

1979 Positively album cover

There are a couple of copies out there for you collectors if you want to pick it up.

1979 Positively cover wtf

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